Everyone must have felt suffering in their lives. The suffering they feel can usually make them feel worse. Suffering comes to anyone too prayer lists online. If you are suffering, you must strengthen yourself. Prayer for healing is something you have to do. It is because, prayer can be the key to happiness for yourself.

When you are in suffering, there are several ways that you can respond to suffering. Here are some ways to deal with the suffering you feel.

1. Your suffering is not eternal
As with happiness, suffering is not eternal and lasts forever. There are times when suffering will also go away from our lives, the only difference is the way and quickly the suffering ends. So, by understanding this, hopefully, you can be stronger and steadfast in facing all the suffering.

2. See the suffering from a different perspective
Maybe, the problems and suffering that occur do not really aim to make you feel just suffering. There are things that you can learn from every suffering that is felt if you want to try to see from a different perspective. It’s possible, suffering gives you important lessons that are useful as a ‘provision’ in living this life. Maybe also, the suffering comes from one’s own mistakes so from there you can learn not to make the same mistakes.

3. Focus on the solution rather than focusing on the suffering
Well, often we are too dwelling on the problems and suffering of life that we experience. Sometimes, quite a lot of people are too dramatizing the suffering that they experience. So that, not the solution or the solution that he tried to overcome the suffering. Finally, the pain he felt more severe. So, keep focusing on the solution.

All the suffering you experience can be told to God. God can open the best way for you.