The land is the main factor when you build a house or building. Clean and free land from various plants can make the process of building houses and buildings run well. Land Clearing is one of the processes carried out to clear the land from various useless things that are there.

Many tools can be used in this land clearing process. Most of the tools used are heavy equipment that can only be operated by someone who is professional. There are several tools that must be used in the land clearing process:

– Bulldozers Installed in Tractors
In this case the use of a bulldozer is considered to be less efficient because before overthrowing large trees, the bulldozer must first dig the ground around the tree and cut off the main roots which will leave undesirable holes in the soil, besides requiring more time, also stacking trees and plants others that have collapsed, bulldozers transport the soil to the accumulation site, which makes combustion more difficult.

– Special Blades Installed in Tractors
There are 2 types of blades used for uprooting trees, both of which are mounted on the front end of the tractor, a single angled blade with protruding protrusion on the front side, extending in front of the blade so that the piercer can be forced into or through the tree in order to divide or weaken it.
One type of special blade is a V-shaped blade with a stick that sticks out on its front end which has the advantage that the blade shifts along the surface of the ground, thereby being able to do plants flat on the surface.

– Chains And Steel Cables Drawn On Tractors
Done by placing a strong chain that is pulled by two tractors, it is very effective to uproot trees and cut down barren shrubs.