There are various types of cars offered by car rental companies, where each service has different terms/conditions. The main thing to consider is the type of car and the price of rental cars. You must determine whether or no you need a driver when you choose range rover hire. You must consider these following things before you rent a car.

– Check the body of the car as a whole! If there is a beret or dents, report so that the car rental knows it and has no problems when returning. Make sure all attached accessories are installed properly.
– The engine room is checked by turning on the engine and hearing the sound is running normally. Make sure to also check brake fluid, clutch oil, radiator water, battery, engine oil and wiper water filled in according to the amount.
– Car lights are checked by turning it on, whether it’s the headlights, brakes, turn signal and check the socket on the headlights.
– Car wipers make sure it functions perfectly. Make sure the rubber part of the wiper is still good and can clean quickly.
– Make sure the tire parts and flower are still good and make sure the wind pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Do not forget other supporting devices such as jacks, spare tires, first aid kits, and other emergency equipment must be in the car.
– Make sure the car’s AC device is functioning properly and also don’t forget to check all the panels on the dashboard and the buttons on the cabin to function normally.
– Ask also about car insurance. We recommend that you choose a car rental service that is insured in anticipation of an accident or loss of a car
– To be surer, don’t forget to test the rental car that is boiled to be able to feel the response of the car both steering wheel, tire, suspension. If there is something less convincing, you should ask the rental party.