Wherever you live, dust is a part of your daily life. In nature, dust is formed from natural erosion of soil, sand, and rocks. Living things in the wild also contribute to dust in the air: pollen, microscopic organisms, plant particles are also part of the dust in the environment. In urban areas, industrial activities, gardening, motorized vehicles, etc., are the main causes of dust. In the meantime, you may call the best click site to clean your carpets or rugs when they become dusty and smelly.

Surely you have ever wondered, what would happen if we breathed frequently in the dust?

The types of dust particles that you need to know

It’s because the dust comes from many sources, there are many types of dust. There are dust particles that can be seen, some are not visible. The smaller the dust particles, the less likely you are to see them. Small dust particles can stay longer in the air and travel longer distances.

The larger dust particles that you can see are those that accumulate on the surface of the car or furniture after a certain period of time. The body protects itself from these particles by trapping them in the nose and mouth when you breathe. In fact, even if you accidentally swallow it, this article is quite harmless and can easily be removed through the breath.

Smaller or smoother particles of dust are even more dangerous. These particles will infiltrate your lung deeply, and even smaller and very fine particles of dust may be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

What are the dangers of dust for health?

The smaller the dust, the more dangerous it is to health. Another factor to consider is the amount of dust in the air and how long you have been exposed to the dust.

Dust particles that are small enough to be inhaled can cause:

Eye irritation.
Allergic rhinitis.
Asthma attack.

For people with respiratory disorders, such as asthma, chronic obstructive respiratory disease (COPD) or emphysema, a small amount of dust can block breathing and make their symptoms worse.

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