Although you apply for a job at a job centre online, it doesn’t mean that you get a job easily. You must ensure that you apply for an appropriate job. You must also have skill experience so you are qualified

The process of accepting employees in some companies is not the same, sometimes there are some companies that are classified as being not too problematic about the process of employee recruitment, they immediately invite for job interviews, but for large companies, they usually have to process one by one from receiving new employees. After sending the application, the next process is a job interview, only applications that meet the requirements and draw are called for interviews. The following are some of the causes of not calling someone for the job interview process.

Cover letter and CV are not interesting

Job application letters and Curriculum Vitae (CV) applicants can be one way so you can get the opportunity to join or be called for a job interview. When writing a job application is not interesting, and the CV is also less convincing, chances are that the chance to be called to the job interview process will be lost. Moreover, HRD only takes a few minutes to read the application letter.

Minimal skill and experience

One of the reasons for the Personnel Manager or HRD to call job applicants to take part in the interview process is because they feel interested in the skills and experience included in your CV. HR Manager is curious and he wants to know you directly through the job interview process. If you don’t have a job interview call, maybe the skills and experience you have are still lacking.

Not according to qualifications

Every company that needs workforce must have a standard qualification that must be owned by the employer, only job applicants who meet the requirements usually will be called for the next process which is called a job interview. Every company has different qualifications. because of that, it is not uncommon for someone to be roomy with the application he sent yet to receive a call because it is not yet in accordance with the criteria desired by the company.