There is a myth in embroidery that says if the fabric is thin the stabilizer will become heavy, the more the weight of the fabric is the lighter the stabilizer. There are no definite rules regarding this. The choice certainly depends on the type of fabric stability chosen. The cloth used for shirts is thicker than nylon organza, but the shirt is easier to stretch and not organza. Then the stabilizer is needed in the organza to prevent it from being slippery when it is paired on a hoop. Apart from that, you may need to check out embroidery columbia sc if you’re looking for the most trusted embroidery service company in your area.

The size of the design and the amount of puncture or pressure affect the choice of the stabilizer as well. Designs that don’t affect cloth much like redwork or applique don’t really need such a design that gives a lot of influence.

Another myth that you must not believe is that serger makes the thread more suitable for embroidery. In the business of embroidery, choosing the right yarn is important. Embroidery is like making a cake, good embroidery made with the right ingredients. Then the thread for embroidery must be of the appropriate weight (60 wt), the strength of the yarn is right, smooth and not easily broken, and made specifically for embroidery.

There are still many things to know about myths in the business of embroidery. Embroidery is indeed a business that is on the rise at the moment so that the number of consumers is increasing. Then start to get to know embroidery better.