One day you might be driving and shifting gears higher, but the car still feels heavy when gassed. This indicates that the teeth do not move even though the transmission lever has been passed. This is also a symptom of damage from your automatic car transmission. The damage that occurs in the transmission is a cable to shift the selector’s arm on the gearbox. The arm does not move when the lever is shifted. As a result, even though the lever has been passed, the gear shift does not enter. Apart from that, you may call find more when you need the best maintenance service for your car.

Appears buzzing when driven

The less lubricated automatic transmission will make the components inside rub against each other. When such conditions occur, there will be a buzzing sound and the sound of metal objects friction. If left unchecked, over time the sound will get louder.

Vibrating car

When driving a car then the car feels trembling after making a shift, be careful! This is one indication that indicates damage to your car’s transmission. This incident itself is caused by the condition of the plate and also the lining which is no longer prime or has been burnt.

How to Check Automatic Transmission on Used Cars

When you want to buy a used automatic car, check the condition and performance of automatic transmission are very important, because the damage to the automatic transmission is one of the most expensive components if you need repairs.

You can follow these tips in order to make sure the transmission is still functioning normally, and don’t forget to also check the oil condition. Make sure there are no leaks, enough volume and the color is transparent red. It’s a good idea to bring a skilled and experienced mechanic so you don’t choose the wrong car.

The most important thing for you owners of the automatic transmission is to do periodic maintenance and checking. By doing these things, the transmission conditions are still maintained and the car will not experience obstacles during use.