Self-storage can solve space problems. Unfortunately, some people don’t experience many benefits. Rental storage service gains its popularity when people need more space for their storage needs. You want 迷你倉 unit but you may not make the mistakes. You get ready for a home or office relocation but you don’t label the boxes. If this happens, you successfully make the mistake. There is a way you should remember what you put inside each box. You may have a good memory but you can forget which box you store fragile items. If you don’t want to experience this, you should label all the boxes read this.

Do you always use newspaper? You can’t use newspaper for fragile items. You must protect them well so you should not make this mistake. You may not wrap these items in the newspaper. You should choose bubble wrap instead so you can protect your fragile items.

Another mistake many people make is storing food items. Although the storage unit has a climate control feature, storing food items in the storage unit is not a smart idea. Foods can spoil and they create a foul smell. Furthermore, it permeates through your other boxes. Foods can attract bugs into your self-storage. You can’t protect other items when you do this mistake because bugs may break your valuable belongings.

The wrong size of storage unit leads you to spend extra money. You may need another storage unit. Before you sign a contract, you must estimate your space requirement. If you choose a too large unit, you end up spending more money. If you choose a too small unit, you can’t store all your belongings. It also ends you spending more money when you rent an extra storage unit. You can’t realize that storage unit saves you money when you make this mistake. You should do the research and ask the recommendation from the storage unit provider. He is experienced in providing this service so he knows the right size of a storage unit for you.